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Support and Development for Helping Professionals Rooted in Our Heritage.

Happy Childhood
Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

BMH Play Institute

The BMH Play Institute provides professionals with play-based activities designed to support Black youth as they achieve positive mental health. Here professionals can find play-based digital downloads, webinars, resources, and educational materials needed to be successful when working with Black youth.

Heritage Ambassadors™

Heritage Ambassadors™ empower Black youth to learn healthy coping skills to manage race-based stress. As a Heritage Ambassador™, you will have the education, resources, and support to facilitate The Heritage Youth Connection™ Program, a play-based mental health prevention program, to Black youth in your community.

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Trainings & Consultation

BMH Connect is dedicated to the continued education and professional development of those serving Black youth, whether they be teachers, medical professionals, or mental health professionals. We provide training, consultation, and supervision to individuals, groups, and organizations to help you better serve Black youth.

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