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Parent Workshops
Presenter: April Duncan, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S
Founder & CEO, BMH Connect

Workshop #1: Supporting Parents and Youth through COVID-19 Part I (60 min)


The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected both children and adults the same, with everyone struggling with the uncertainty of when things will resume to normal. Virtual schooling and isolation from quarantine have created challenges that are leading to negative mental health  problems. This workshop will explore the mental health effects of COVID-19 including signs of  anxiety, depression, and self-harm in children. Parents will leave this workshop with a better  understanding of how to identify distress in their children and resources to support them. 

Workshop #2: Supporting Parents and Youth through COVID-19 Part II (60 min)  

This 2-part of the series acknowledges the distress in caregivers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Parents will learn how to identify distress in themselves and techniques to help with self-regulation to help respond to their children’s needs. After this workshop, parents will have games and activities they can do with their children to support healthy relationships during these uncertain times.

Workshop #3: Racial Justice and Social Activism for Kids 101 (60 min) 


The current racial justice movement and civil unrest have ignited the call for anti-racism and social activism in children and adults. Many parents are struggling with what to share with their children and still support their emotional health. This workshop series will explore how to have these tough conversations from a young child to a teen, along with ways to support anti-bias behavior in children.

Workshop #4: Attachment Play Therapy to Enhance the Parent-Child  Relationship (60 min)  

More than ever, children need healthy attachments to feel loved and supported. This final series  explores the theory behind attachment and the importance of healthy connections between  parents and their children. Time will be spent discussing the value of play, along with fun play  interventions to enhance connections with children from toddlers to teens. 

If you are interested in having BMH Connect present any or all of the parenting workshops for your organization, please contact BMH Account Manager at
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