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Play Therapy Basics

CEs: 10 hours of Non-Contact Self-Study

(6 hours of Seminal Theories & 4 hours of Skills & Methods)



This introductory course is designed to support individuals and organizations, agencies and schools who have clinical staff members interested in integrating play therapy into their clinical work with children and families. The first module of courses provides an overview of play therapy approaches and theories, with a special emphasis on child-centered play therapy. Module two will help clinicians learn how to apply play therapy across the lifespan, from young -children to teenagers. Next, the third module will address how to integrate play therapy interventions into group and family play therapy sessions. Module four will help clinicians learn how to integrate sand tray with children across the lifespan. The final module includes Dr. April’s tips for best practices when implementing play therapy in the playroom and beyond. Clinicians will also have access to play-based resources and activities they can immediately implement into their practice with children and families. 


Learning objectives: 

  • Identify the basic principles of child-centered play therapy

  • Describe the stages of group play therapy

  • Analyze play therapy interventions to assist with self-regulation in young children

  • List the key categories of sand tray construction to aid in play therapy assessment

  • Assess the use of play themes to aid in mental health diagnosis 

  • Discuss ways to gain play therapy buy-in with adolescents & teens

  • Explain the therapeutic benefits of family play therapy

  • Analyze the therapeutic powers of play

  • Identify play therapy approaches that can be used across the lifespan

  • Describe the steps of therapeutic limit setting in child-centered play therapy


Webinars Include: 

  • Introduction to Play Therapy
  • Child-Centered Play Therapy
  • Play Therapy with Young Children 
  • Play Therapy with Adolescents & Teens
  • Group Play Therapy
  • Family Play Therapy
  • Sand Tray Play Therapy
  • Dr. April’s Best Practices


Upon purchase, users will be provided with access to a dedicated webpage including all webinars and supporting materials.

Play Therapy Basics

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