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Connection Rooted in Our Heritage

Diverse & Inclusive Resources

BMH Connect has partnered with Mylemarks™ to provide caregivers and professionals with high quality and inclusive worksheets and books that can be downloaded and used with Black youth.


Heritage Ambassadors™

Heritage Ambassadors™ are trained facilitators of The Heritage Youth Connection™ Program, a group program designed to address the unique mental health needs of Black youth. Through the Heritage Ambassadors™ Training Program, individuals will be equipped with the tools and resources needed to integrate the Heritage Youth Connection™ Program, at little to no cost, into their communities. Youth who have graduated from the Heritage Youth Connection™ Program are also eligible and encouraged to become Heritage Youth Ambassadors™.

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BMH Play Institute "Learn as You Go"

This option is available for caregivers who could benefit from individualized topics in addressing racial trauma in their children. Each webinar includes a download of worksheets and activities for that specific topic that can be integrated with children of all ages. Topics for teens and young adults will also be featured to help engage Black youth of all ages in play as a coping skill to manage their stress from racial trauma.