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Updated: July 19th, 2021

Happy Childhood
YouTube Videos

A Conversation About Growing Up Black, Op-Docs, The New York Times: (2019, April 16). Systemic racism explained. [Video]. YouTube.

AJ+. ([Dr. Joy DeGruy]. Posttraumatic slave syndrome. How is it different from PTSD? (2019, November 8). [Video]. YouTube.

AutPlay Therapy. (2019, December 14). Deep Breathing Interventions in Play Therapy. [Video]. Youtube.


Changing the Game For Young Black Males in America:


CNN. (2010, May 18). Study shows how children view race bias. [Video]. YouTube.

Black Mental Health Matters. Phillip J. Roundtree *Mature Language* 


Dominique Christina, “The Period Poem.” *Mature language* 

EmbraceRace. (2021, January 27). Managing Racial Stress and Teaching Kids to Do the Same – Talking Race and Kids Webinar. [Video]. Youtube.


How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime, Nadine Burke Harris:


Mental Health America Webinars. (2021, March 1). Racial Trauma And Communities Of Color: Assessment And Treatment. [Video]. Youtube.


Mental Health within the black community, Davonte Sanders-Funches:


National Education Association. (2016, July 7). Marley Dias talk institutional racism. [Video]. YouTube.

National Wellness Institute. (2019, August 28). Healing Racial Trauma Through Body-Centered Psychology with Resmaa Menakem. [Video]. Youtube.


Newsy. (2020, June 22). Understanding racial trauma. [Video]. YouTube.

Teen Brains Are Not Broken, Roseline Kaiser Ph.D., TEDxBoulder:


The Healing Foundation. (2018, July 26). Intergenerational trauma animation. [Video]. YouTube.


TEDxSJSU. (2018, December 17). Reimaging Mental Health Discourse Among African Americans. [Video]. Youtube.


Tips for Managing School Stress- Ft. Study With Jess 


Why Microaggressions Aren’t So Micro. Whitney Grinnage-Cassidy

YouTube Videos (Cont.)

13 Minutes Body Scan Mediation For Teens and Adults/ Mindfulness for Children:

A Conversation About Growing Up Black, Op-Docs, The New York Times:

Anger Management for Kids by MyleMarks:

Fight Flight Freeze – Anxiety Explained for Teens:

I AM… Positive Affirmations for Brown Boys:

Positive Affirmations For Kids -Hip Hop Style - Promote Self Esteem and Confidence (Speak Life):

Stress Management Tips for kids and Teens by MyleMarks:

What is MINDFULNESS and how do you do it? (Zen Den)/ Cosmic Kids:

We ALL have Mental Health:

Yoga For Teens/ Yoga with Adriene:

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