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The Heritage Youth Connection™ Program: Group Play Therapy to Address Racial Trauma in Black Youth


Presenter: April Duncan, DSW, LCSW, RPT-S

Training Dates: December 9th & 10th, 2022

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm EST

Location: Zoom

APT CEs: 24hrs total with 12hrs provided during in-person training. In-Person APT CE hrs include: 4 hrs of Seminal Theories, 4 hrs of Special Topics, & 4 hrs of Skills & Methods

Cost: $2000 per individual 


*For those in need of a payment plan, please contact Mandi Larkin at prior to enrolling.


Program Description:

Black youth experience high rates of daily interactions with racism, prejudice, microaggressions, and discrimination. Left untreated, this can result in racial trauma and it is important for play therapists to have an awareness of how this presents in the playroom. This two-day workshop is for individuals to learn how to facilitate The Heritage Youth Connection™ program, which is a group play therapy program for Black youth ages 12-17 years old. This workshop will explore the fundamental components of cognitive behavioral play therapy and its application with Black youth in a group setting. Experiential activities will include interventions from the program that encourage social-emotional and coping skills in Black youth through the use of game play, art therapy and music therapy. Upon completing this training, individuals will become Heritage Ambassadors™ and are able to facilitate the program in their community.


Learning objectives: 

  • Analyze the signs of racial trauma with Black youth in the playroom.

  • Identify the principles of cognitive behavioral group play therapy.

  • Write play therapy goals for group play therapy with Black youth.

  • Compare the stages of group play therapy.

  • Apply clinical skills when screening youth for group play therapy.

  • Describe the goals of group play therapy.

  • Explain the stages of group play therapy.

  • Analyze the use of music in group play therapy with Black youth.

  • Describe the use of sand tray in group play therapy with Black youth. 

  • Describe the use of art in group play therapy with Black youth. 

  • Discuss limit setting in group play therapy.

  • Utilize game play therapy with Black youth in group play therapy.


Ambassadors™ will also obtain 12hrs of APT Non-Contact CEs through the following recorded non-contact webinars which are to be completed prior to the live webinar workshop:

  • Black Kids Matter: Play Therapy to Support Black Youth Experiencing Racial Trauma
  • Cultural Humility in Play Therapy
  • I Got the Power! Play Therapy to Empower Black Girls
  • Play Therapy to Support Social-Emotional Expression in Black Boys
  • Play Therapy Techniques to Support Grieving Black Youth
  • Play Therapy to Address Suicidality in Black Youth


A welcome kit will also be shipped to each Ambassador™ and will  include:

  • Multicultural art materials
  • Materials required for the Heritage Youth Connection™ program
  • The multicultural sand tray miniatures

The Heritage Youth Connection Program

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