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Inclusive Play™
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Become the Culturally Inclusive Play Therapist your clients deserve with the new

InclusivePlay™ Certificate!

The InclusivePlay™ Certificate Program

This play-based certificate program will help play therapists increase their proficiency in utilizing play therapy with children and families from diverse populations in individual, family and group play therapy. The full certification will provide 36 APT live webinar CEs and 6 non-contact self-study APT CEs that can be applied towards Phase 2 for mental health professionals working towards their credential to become a Registered Play Therapist™. 


Founded by Yuvi Rattigan, Carmen Jimenez-Pride, and April Duncan, our goal is to increase the number of culturally inclusive play therapists who have a foundational knowledge of important cultural factors when working with clients from marginalized communities in the playroom and beyond. This certificate is for play therapists who are looking to increase their inclusivity in play therapy with clients of all backgrounds, in an effort to reduce misdiagnosis in children and families with diverse backgrounds.

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Meet Our Founders!

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What's included?
For a flat fee of $5,000, participants receive:
  • 42 hours of APT, ACE, and NBCC continuing education hours

  • 10 hours of RPT Supervision hours OR Play Therapy consultation hours 

  • InclusivePlay™ clinical assessment

  • InclusivePlay™ therapy kit

  • Autographed copy of “Black Students Matter: Play Therapy Techniques to Support Black Students Experiencing Racial Trauma”

  • Option for 12 additional hours of self-study webinar continuing education hours 

  • Multicultural welcome box

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...and participants choose from 1 of 2 tracks!
RPT Credentialing

The RPT Credentialing Track is for individuals who are working towards their credentials to become a Registered Play Therapist. Participants will complete:

  • 36 live webinar hours

  • 10 play therapy supervision hours and 2 observations with Registered Play Therapy Supervisors, Dr. April Duncan and Carmen Jimenez-Pride

Play Therapy Consultation Track

The Play Therapy Consultation Track is for individuals who do not need RPT supervision because either a) they are not actively working towards APT certification or b) already have their RPT or RPT-S credential. Participants will complete:

  • 36 live webinar hours

  • 10 play therapy supervision hours with Yuvi Rattigan, Ali Gabel, and Aliya Subhit.

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Supervision & Consultation

RPT Supervision and Play Therapy Consultation will begin in the Fall of 2024, with a 60-minute session being held weekly via zoom. Supervisors and consultants will lead each session with an opening question/ activity followed by case review time for participants to fortify their learning and strengthen their practice. Those seeking RPT certification will receive Supervision from our credentialed Registered Play Therapy Supervisors while those on the Consultation track will receive consultation hours from our licensed mental health professionals.

Play Therapy Consultation participants may purchase 2 additional consultation hours with Jasmine Berger if purchasing the 39-hour with Self-Study package. RPT Certification participants may purchase 2 additional consultation hours with Kira Collins if purchasing the 39-hour with Self-Study package. Participants purchasing the 42-hour package will already have an additional 4 hours of consultation included.

Participants are also able to contract with faculty outside of the certification program for additional consultation/supervision.

InclusivePlay Certificate Coursework

Our unique coursework is designed to build cultural competency and to provide the education needed to become a more understanding and inclusive clinician. Participants will walk away with dozens of real life activities, handouts, and advanced learning practices to use in their own playrooms. There are 6 core APT-Approved 6-hour Live Webinar Workshops all participants will attend beginning in February, with 2 additional APT-Approved 3-hour Live Webinar Workshops available to those seeking additional education. Live webinars include:

Core 6-hour
Live Webinar Workshops
  • Fostering Cultural Inclusivity in Play Therapy

  • Culturally Inclusive Art in the Playroom

  • Culturally Inclusive Sand Tray in the Playroom

  • Love is Love: Play Therapy to Enhance Pride in LGBTQ+ Children & Families

  • Respecto! Play Therapy to Honor Latinx Cultures

  • Black Kids Matter: Play Therapy to Empower Black Children & Families

Additional 3-hour
Live Webinar Workshops
  • Culturally Inclusive Play Therapy Supervision

  • Play Therapy to Support Transracial Adoptive Families

Love is Love Play Therapy to Enhance Pride in LGBTQ Children Families Webinar.png
Culturally Inclusive Sand Tray.png

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