BMH Connect seeks to promote the emotional health of Black children who suffer from high rates of stress related to racial discrimination in the United States. Our programming focuses on giving Black youth the education and coping skills needed to manage racial trauma and empower them to reclaim their childhood.

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Mental health awareness and education is key in our fight to save the lives of Black children. We understand the stigma around mental health in our community, so we've created a safe place for you to learn the signs and symptoms of mental distress so you have the power to advocate for your child's mental health needs, if necessary. 


We use a variety of ways to expand your knowledge on issues that matter to Black children including blogs written by clinicians of color and recommendations for books, articles, movies, and websites in our resource center.

Mental Health Awareness

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For Professionals

BMH Connect strives to increase the mental health and resilience of Black youth by further developing the professionals who support them. Through our Heritage Ambassadors Program™ and the BMH Play Institute, professionals can access programming, development, and support opportunities to better help them serve Black youth and their caregivers.

Heritage Ambassadors™

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Interested in learning more about what it means to be a Heritage Ambassador™? Click Empower to find out more!

BMH Play Institute

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Looking for play therapy resources, worksheets, or education? We've got you covered! Click Educate to find what you need.

Professional Support

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Seeking play therapy supervision or professional development for yourself or organization? Click Connect!



You have the knowledge. Now it's time for you to have the power! Link up with other caregivers to provide words of encouragement and support on our support board. For those looking for some tools and tips to enhance their child's emotional well-being, we provide webinars through our Heritage Connection™ "Learn As You Go" program.