BMH Connect seeks to promote the emotional health of Black children who suffer from high rates of stress related to racial discrimination in the United States. Our programming focuses on giving Black youth the education and coping skills needed to manage racial trauma and empower them to reclaim their childhood.

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Mental health awareness and education is key in our fight to save the lives of Black children. We understand the stigma around mental health in our community so we've created a safe place for you to learn the signs and symptoms of mental distress so you have the power to advocate for your child's mental health needs. To expand your knowledge on issues relating to Black children, BMH Connect has included webinars led by credentialed professionals of color, blogs written by clinicians of color, and books, articles, movies, and websites in our resource library.

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Strong communities foster mentally healthy Black children and families. Together we can educate, support, and advocate for each other and for our communities to build a legacy of strong Black children resistant to the effects of racial trauma. BMH Connect has partnered with multiple Black organizations to help you connect to a supportive community, including Black-owned businesses.

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BMH Connect strives to increase the mental health and resilience of Black youth by further empowering the caregivers and the helping professionals who support them, whether they be teachers, medical personnel, or mental health clinicians. Through BMH Connect, caregivers and helping professionals can access programming, personal and professional development, and support opportunities to better help them serve Black youth.

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